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museum quality art, A Study Of A Head, Carolus-Duran, 1885 Ramble & Roam

A Study Of A Head, Carolus-Duran, 1885

Carolus-Duran's painting of a young man is an impressive display of skillful brushwork, evidenced in the subtle lighting and precise gradations. With no background adornments to detract from its brilliance, this meticulous portrait captures both the artist’s technical expertise and intimate details about his subject - their youthfully handsome features framed by strong shadows for dramatic effect. 
Formerly known as Charles-Émile-Auguste Durand, is acclaimed today for teaching the legendary John Singer Sargent. His own work was heavily inspired by Velázquez and characterized by a loose brushwork and simplification of color that earned him recognition from the French art world. Although he initially faced criticism for shunning fundamentals in favor of style early on his career trajectory - known as "The Rebel Painter" - Duran eventually came to be seen as an edgy choice among aspiring young painters seeking bravura technique during 1870s Paris when Sargent received instruction there.