Eden Projects One Tree Planted with every purchase sustainable practices

Our partnership with Eden & TheGoodAPI aims to combat climate change by reducing carbon emissions through the power of reforestation. We believe that planting trees is a critical step in creating a more sustainable future for ourselves and future generations.

Our commitments & programs

One Tree Planted

Products that participate in our Plant a Tree Program contribute to global reforestation efforts. For every item sold, we plant a tree, helping to restore forests and reduce carbon footprints.

Sustainable Sources

Products sourced through sustainable practices help protect natural resources and ensure long-term ecological balance. Our commitment includes using materials from responsibly managed forests and sustainable farming practices.

Low Footprint Manufacturing

Products that are manufactured with a low carbon footprint help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We prioritize eco-friendly production methods and strive to minimize our environmental impact at every step.

Ethical & Sustainable Textiles

Products made with ethical textiles ensure that the materials are safe for people and the planet. Our textiles are chosen for low emissions and free from harmful substances, promoting healthier homes and environments.

Fair Trade and Working Conditions

Products made in a Fair Trade factories support fair and safe labor practices and empower workers to invest in their communities. For those manufacturers not certified, we work with each shop to meet regional ethical standards.

We are a Small Shop that Shops Small

By supporting our small USA based business, you are helping us support and foster other local economies and strengthen communities. Shopping small means investing in unique, high-quality products while also supporting entrepreneurs and their families. Every purchase you make contributes to job creation and local economic stability.

Low Carbon Footprint Shipping

All our products utilize low carbon footprint shipping methods help reduce the environmental impact of transportation. We work with logistics partners committed to sustainable practices and carbon offset programs to minimize the carbon emissions associated with delivering our products to your door. It's worth the wait!

CE/EU Certifications

Products with CE/EU certification meet the European Union’s stringent health, safety, and environmental protection standards. These standards are often higher than those here in the USA, ensuring our products are safe for consumers and compliant with the rigorous regulations set by the EU.