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Transform your living or working spaces with our versatile and stylish wallpaper selections. Whether you're updating a single room or redesigning your entire home or office, our wallpapers will breathe new life into your surroundings.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper: Our Peel and Stick wallpaper is the epitome of convenience and style. Ideal for DIY enthusiasts and those who enjoy changing their space frequently, this option is self-adhesive, requiring no additional paste, and is fully removable without leaving residue. It is crafted from 100% polyester, woven fabric, ensuring durability and ease of handling. Whether you're looking for a temporary splash of color or a semi-permanent installation, our Peel and Stick wallpaper is the perfect solution.

Non-Pasted Wallpaper: For a traditional approach, our Non-Pasted wallpapers provide a rich, enduring look. These wallpapers require a separate application of paste, allowing for a strong bond to your walls and a long-lasting finish. Made from coated, non-woven paper, our Non-Pasted option offers a depth of texture and color that is ideal for creating a sophisticated and refined aesthetic.

Eco Commitment: Healthier Walls, Healthier Homes

Sustainable Materials: Our commitment to sustainability is evidenced by our use of FSC-certified materials, ensuring that our wallpapers come from responsibly managed forests that benefit environmental, social, and economic standards.

Safe Inks: Printed with GreenGuard Gold certified inks, our wallpapers are safe for indoor environments, emitting low levels of VOCs to ensure better air quality in your home or office.

PVC-Free: In our effort to promote a healthier environment, our wallpapers are 100% PVC-free. This commitment helps reduce the release of harmful chemicals, making our products safer for residential and commercial spaces.

Recyclable: We ensure that our Non-Pasted wallpapers are fully recyclable, supporting the circular economy and reducing waste.

OEKO-TEX Certification: All our wallpapers are OEKO-TEX certified, confirming that they are free from harmful substances and safe for direct skin contact, which is especially important in sensitive environments.

Whether you are looking to create a bold statement wall or wish to refresh your entire space, our wallpapers provide the quality, style, and flexibility you need to realize your vision. With easy application methods, extensive customization options, and a strong commitment to environmental and health standards, our wallpapers are designed to delight and inspire.


Peel & Stick Fabric

Traditional Non-pasted

Wallpaper material

Polyester fabric, woven

Paper, Non-Woven


Light texture

Coated matte

Material color

Pure white (check wallpaper close up image

Warm white (check wallpaper close up image)


Fabric-like feel

Soft-touch feeling

Application type


Paste the wall

Suitable surface

Smooth walls

Smooth walls

Paste required


Yes (not included with product)


Straight match

Straight match


Wipe with a damp cloth

Wipe with a damp cloth


Peel and stick






Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX

FSC certified





Latex, water-based


Ink certifications

ECOLOGO, HAPs Free, REACH, Nordic Swan, GreenGuard Gold, French-VOC, AgBB, EN71-3, GS

Nordic Swan, GreenGuard Gold, French-VOC, AGBB,

Fire retardancy



Fire rating

C (acc. EN 13501-1,)


255 g/m2

195 g/m2

Suitable for kids’ rooms, hotels, restaurants



Reach regulation



VOC emissions

SCS Indoor Advantage Gold


For 24 hours

During the application

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