What Art Should I Put in My Bathroom?

What Art Should I Put in My Bathroom?

Inspiring Decor Ideas for Bathroom Walls

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Ah, the bathroom! While frequently an afterthought in the grand decor scheme, this intimate space offers the most personal canvas in any home. When you ponder, "What art should I hang in my bathroom?", you're really asking, "How can I turn this humble space into a haven of style and serenity?" Let's journey together and discover inspiring ways to breathe life and elegance into your bathroom walls.

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Why Bathroom Wall Art Matters

Picture walking into a bathroom that resonates with character and charm.

The right wall art doesn't just beautify; it tells a story, invigorates the senses, and exudes your style. While bathrooms come with their unique challenges (yes, we're looking at you, humidity), with a little care, they can be a canvas for beautiful, lasting art.

Choosing the Right Artwork for Your Bathroom

In the dance of home decor, your bathroom should waltz in step with the rest of your home. 

Whether your heart beats for crisp modern lines or the nostalgic allure of yesteryears, there's art that sings your song. Whatever your style, here are the top 5 ideas you'll want to consider:

  1. Canvas Prints: An evergreen favorite, canvas offers both resilience and charm, spanning from soothing abstracts to rejuvenating nature scenes. 
  2. Framed Prints: Ah, the timeless grace of framed prints. Their beauty lies in cohesion, so let them echo other elements in your space.
  3. Metal Wall Art: For those who treasure longevity and flair, metal art pieces stand tall against moisture, all the while adorning your walls with unique style.
  4. Ceramic Tiles: Beyond their functional purpose, artistically designed ceramic tiles add layers of intrigue and depth.
  5. Wallpaper: For the change enthusiasts, peel and stick wallpapers offer a symphony of patterns and the freedom to reinvent.

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Incorporating Art into Your Bathroom Decor

When integrating artwork into your bathroom, positioning is key. The placement not only influences the room's visual appeal but also determines how well the art will fare in an environment often filled with moisture. Locate your artwork in spots that capture attention but remain reasonably shielded from direct water contact or excessive steam. The size of the artwork matters too. In larger bathrooms, a sizable piece can become a striking focal point. For smaller bathrooms, opt for more compact art that adds charm without dominating the space.

Check out Apartment therapy's article for some great half bath inspo. 

It's equally important to consider the overall aesthetic balance of the room. If your chosen art is vibrant and colorful, it's a good idea to keep the surrounding decor subdued to let the artwork stand out. On the other hand, if the artwork is more understated, adding some complementary bold elements in the decor can create a pleasant visual contrast. Think of it as coordinating an outfit; you're aiming for harmony, where each piece supports and enhances the others.

Dressing up your bathroom with art is akin to adorning oneself with a statement necklace - it's transformative, personal, and delightfully unique. So, the next time the reflection in your bathroom mirror asks, "What art should adorn this space?", smile back and let these insights guide your artistic journey.

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