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Edvard_Munch_Study_of_a_Head Ramble & Roam


For over sixty years, Edvard Munch worked tirelessly as an artist. His ambition and creativity fueled the production of nearly two thousand paintings, hundreds of graphic motifs and thousands of drawings. Even though his father refused to allow him pursue art early in life - he pursued it vigorously nonetheless! Finally settling into Norway's esteemed National Academy Of Craft And Art Industry in Kristiania (present day Oslo), where he famously painted iconic works like 'The Scream', 'Madonna' & ‘Death In The Sickroom’ bringing us visually stunning symbolist masterpieces that have placed Edvard among some of history's most revered artists today. This particular study is degraded, you'll see the flaking paint and cracks giving it a unique patina that we love in this work, but then again...we have a passion for redheads & their deep thoughts.