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Magical Wallpapers

Our luxury wallpaper collection features the coolest aesthetic in wallpaper design, with blends from preppy pink, or the timeless charm of William Morris, and Art Deco elements. Grab a few magical samples of abstract blue patterns and dark, cool motifs.  Our exclusive designs are hand-crafted in New York City and then sustainable & eco-friendly printed in London, England by the best in the business.

These magical wallpapers all offer samples and will make any home into a vintage, cool, and designer-inspired atmosphere. Choose from peel & stick, traditional, or super easy prepasted options to effortlessly transform your space into a truly luxurious retreat.

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Classic Fan Wallpaper, Rose and Blush PinkClassic Fan Wallpaper, Rose and Blush Pink
Art Deco Peacock Wallpaper, Cabernet and RoseArt Deco Peacock Wallpaper, Cabernet and Rose
Moroccan Tile, Light Blue WallpaperMoroccan Tile, Light Blue Wallpaper
Batik Bliss, Navy Blue WallpaperBatik Bliss, Navy Blue Wallpaper
Suzani Litten Wallpaper, Dark Creme Ramble & RoamSuzani Litten Wallpaper, Dark Creme
Moroccan Tile Wallpaper, RedMoroccan Tile Wallpaper, Red
Suzani Floral Wallpaper, Mustard YellowSuzani Floral Wallpaper, Mustard Yellow
Suzani Floral Wallpaper, PinkSuzani Floral Wallpaper, Pink
Pastel Iris, Blue WallpaperPastel Iris, Blue Wallpaper
Pastel Iris, Blue Wallpaper Sale priceFrom $10.00
Pastel Iris, Pink WallpaperPastel Iris, Pink Wallpaper
Pastel Iris, Pink Wallpaper Sale priceFrom $10.00
Monstera Botanical Wallpaper Ramble & RoamMonstera Botanical Wallpaper Ramble & Roam
English Garden, Scheele’s Green Wallpaper Ramble & RoamEnglish Garden, Scheele’s Green Wallpaper
English Garden, 1906 Wallpaper Ramble & RoamEnglish Garden, 1906 Wallpaper
English Garden, Bright Scheele’s Green Wallpaper Ramble & RoamEnglish Garden, Bright Scheele’s Green Wallpaper
Malachite Marble Wallpaper Ramble & RoamMalachite Marble Wallpaper Ramble & Roam
Malachite Marble Wallpaper Sale priceFrom $10.00
Sherry Marbled Wallpaper Ramble & RoamSherry Marbleized Wallpaper
Cloud Dream Marbled Wallpaper, Blue Ramble & RoamCloud Dream Marbled Wallpaper, Blue Ramble & Roam
Nicolette Marbled Wallpaper Ramble & RoamNicolette Marbled Wallpaper Ramble & Roam
Scandi Florals, Rose Reds Ramble & RoamScandi Florals, Rose Reds Ramble & Roam
Scandi Florals, Vintage Blues Ramble & RoamScandi Florals, Vintage Blues Ramble & Roam
Scandi Florals, Rose Pink Ramble & RoamScandi Florals, Rose Pink Ramble & Roam
Portuguese Floral, Dark Blue Ramble & RoamPortuguese Floral, Dark Blue Ramble & Roam
Maximalist Marble Pink Wallpaper Ramble & RoamMaximalist Marble Pink Wallpaper Ramble & Roam
Electric Kisses Wallpaper Ramble & RoamElectric Kisses Wallpaper
Electric Kisses Wallpaper Sale priceFrom $8.00
Watercolor Floral Wallpaper, Vintage CottageWatercolor Floral Wallpaper, Vintage Cottage
Feather Cane, Black WallpaperFeather Cane, Black Wallpaper
Leeland Botanicals, Soft Black Ramble & RoamLeeland Botanicals, Soft Black Ramble & Roam
Chrysanthemum Wallpaper, Savannah Yellow Ramble & RoamChrysanthemum Wallpaper, Savannah Yellow
Chrysanthemum Wallpaper, Old World Yellow Ramble & RoamChrysanthemum Wallpaper, Old World Yellow Ramble & Roam
Chrysanthemum Wallpaper, Van Gogh Blue Ramble & RoamChrysanthemum Wallpaper, Van Gogh Blue
Moroccan Floral Wallpaper, Olive Ramble & RoamMoroccan Floral Wallpaper, Olive
Moroccan Floral Wallpaper, Vintage GreenMoroccan Floral Wallpaper, Vintage Green
Moroccan Floral Wallpaper, Rust Reds Ramble & RoamMoroccan Floral Wallpaper, Rust Reds
Moroccan Floral Wallpaper, Dark Olive Ramble & RoamMoroccan Floral Wallpaper, Dark Olive Ramble & Roam
Morris Marbled Wallpaper Ramble & RoamMorris Marbled Wallpaper Ramble & Roam
Blood Moon Nouveau Wallpaper Ramble & RoamBlood Moon Nouveau Wallpaper Ramble & Roam
Fairy Nouveau, Green Wallpaper Ramble & RoamFairy Nouveau, Green Wallpaper Ramble & Roam
Fairy Nouveau, Vintage Mint Wallpaper Ramble & RoamFairy Nouveau, Vintage Mint Wallpaper Ramble & Roam
Ginger Snakes, Pink Wallpaper Ramble & RoamGinger Snakes, Pink Wallpaper
Iris Wallpaper, Soft Black Ramble & RoamIris Wallpaper, Soft Black
Iris Wallpaper, Soft Black Sale priceFrom $10.00
Iris Wallpaper, Vintage Black Ramble & RoamIris Wallpaper, Vintage Black
Iris Wallpaper, Lavender Ramble & RoamIris Wallpaper, Lavender
Iris Wallpaper, Lavender Sale priceFrom $10.00
Priestess Wallpaper,  Soft Red Ramble & RoamPriestess Wallpaper,  Soft Red
Priestess Wallpaper, Pink Purple Ramble & RoamPriestess Wallpaper, Pink Purple
Priestess Wallpaper, Vintage Palm Beach Ramble & RoamPriestess Wallpaper, Vintage Palm Beach
Priestess Wallpaper,  PenPriestess Wallpaper,  Pen
Priestess Wallpaper, Pen Sale priceFrom $10.00
Egrets At Night, Black Wallpaper Ramble & RoamEgrets At Night, Black Wallpaper Ramble & Roam
Moroccan Garland Wallpaper, Forest Green Ramble & RoamMoroccan Garland Wallpaper, Forest Green

About our Designs & Products

our exclusive designer wallpaper designs

Looking to add some personality and style to your home? The wallpaper we make is made to order and exclusive to Ramble & Roam Co. Our collection of wallpapers has got you covered! With a wide variety of colors to choose from, including pink, red, blue, green, grey, and yellow, you'll find the perfect wallpaperto match your interior design and complement any room in your home. From maximalist to minimalist aesthetics, our collection has something for everyone.

Not only are our wallpapers beautiful, but they're also eco-friendly and sustainable and suit many wall types. We use only the best materials from green brands and create each design by hand in our East coast workshop before working with our old world manufacturer in London, England that uses the most sustainable and green digital printing technology. We then ship in eco friendly and safe ways. You can even download our how-to-hang guide for easy installation and get started on your wallpaper project right away! If you are looking for something to suit a particular style, check out our diy trade program. 

Our collection includes a vast range of wallpaper styles, including silk, peel and stick, and prepasted wallpapers, all made to the highest quality standards. And because our art wallpapers are exclusive to Ramble & Roam Co., you won't find these wallpapers anywhere else, we also release new wallpaper continuously!

Ordering is easy, and we offer worldwide shipping on our wallpaper so you can start creating your dream home today. Plus, we have great deals on offer, and exclusive access to new wallpapers, so be sure to check out our collection and subscribe to our newsletter before you checkout. If you need any help or inspiration, our style blog The Adventuress suits the bill and inspiration pages are here to assist you in finding the perfect wallpaper for your walls, whether you are looking for something specific like the perfect wall paste, or blue wallpapers, or something more broad like Art Deco design in 2023, our team of interior decorators and stylists have your walls covered.

We also understand the importance of returns, so we have a hassle-free returns policy that protects your rights and ensures you get your money back if it arrives damaged. As a made to order product, we do not offer returns for change of mind, so be sure to use our sample feature and find your favorite wallpaper pattern! With our easy-to-use website, you can order your wallpaper in no time and start creating the home you've always wanted.

At Ramble & Roam Co., we're committed to providing exceptional customer service. If you have any questions or need assistance, we're always here to help via email or text us a chat. So start exploring our collection of wallpapers today, choose the perfect design and color, remove your old wallpaper and start creating your dream home easily!