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Portrait of Séverine by Amélie Beaury-Saurel, 1893 Ramble & Roam

Portrait of Séverine by Amélie Beaury-Saurel, 1893

Caroline Rémy de Guebhard, better known as Séverine, was a trailblazing French journalist who found fame during her time for quite revolutionary and feminist opinions. Artists like Renoir took notice of her achievements and immortalized them in their works - but none more striking than Amélie Beaury-Saurel's painting of Severine. In the portrait she appears strong and bold, yet gentle; confident with an air that suggests someone on the brink of change ready to revolutionize not only herself but also those around her.

The red flower pinned at her sash symbolizes her leftist views. At this time, Red Roses, representing Socialism, were pinned to one’s person in Europe to circumvent the laws banning political emblems. This brazen act, to be painted wearing one, while so many were being arrested for the act in Germany, is a testament to Severines boldness.